Our SOLVENTLESS extraction methods mean one thing: PURITY

By using pressure to relesase the FULL SPECTRUM oil extract from the cannabis plant, our ouil vape pen is naturally Terpene rich, thereby releasing the most natural taste and outcome of wellbeing.

ONE 5 Pre-rolls

The Unique 5 CANNABIS pre-rolls pack with perfect dose.

100% Premium Cannabis flower

Precision-rolled cigarettes

Tailor-made tips and filters

Blend crafted to perfection

Taste one of our exquisite flavors

“Designed in Switzerland. Made by Mother Nature”

Offering a combination of exquisitely flavoured strains with a diverse range of terpenes

are the fundamentals behind 20 years of professional industry experience to develop

and deliver a line of superior genetics.

We continually strive to create and develop elite genetics that are carefully selected and tested for high CBD and Terpene levels.
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